About the Legacy Database

In October 2014, OPA launched its new website, which included a new, enhanced database of releases, such as Performance Audits, Financial Audits, Procurement Appeals case files, and more. One of the bigger challenges in developing the new database system was to integrate OPA’s older database (from years 2013 and prior) with the new database (for years 2014 and after). For this reason, OPA decided to make available a “Legacy Database”, which is based on the older database platform (you may recall this from the previous website), but now available in this new OPA website. You can access data from 2013 and prior through the Legacy Database. All new releases, for 2014 (and from here on) are indeed available through the new platform. The search function for the Legacy Database and the new database are separate. 

The Procurement Flow Chart is in progress. Please check back shortly.​