Guam Organic Act and Other Laws

Guam Organic Act
The Organic Act of Guam and related federal laws provide the legal framework for the Government of Guam. The act can be viewed here or in the United States Code website at prelim@title48/chapter8A&edition=prelim.

Guam Code Annotated and Guam Administrative Rules and Regulation
The Guam Code Annotated (GCA) establish the permanent laws of Guam relating to and in force in Guam. The Guam Administrative Rules and Regulations (GARR) contains regulations of Guam governmental agencies which have been filed with the Legislative Secretary pursuant to the Administrative Adjudication Law (Title 5 GCA, Chapter 9). The GCA and GARR can be viewed in the Guam Compiler of Laws website at

Public Laws
A public law is a body of law governing relations between a state and its citizens. Guam Public laws can be viewed at the Guam Legislature website at


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